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Quotes "John also does design work so he was able to work out the details that I had not considered. He also built new custom cabinets for the bathroom based on a design we both worked on. The result is a unique and personalized bathroom design you cant buy prefabricated. I honestly believed that my new bathroom should be featured in magazines or HGTV. It has that WOW! factor thanks to John and Angela. The project started on schedule and finished within the projected time frame. We worked out a payment plan that was fair for both parties. I felt that their rates were reasonable , considering the complexity of the work I requested. I'm a little OCD about some of the fine details but John exceeded my expectations with his high quality of work and attention to detail. If you ever have the opportunity to work with this couple I advise you not to pass it up." Quotes
The Householder Residence
Maryland Heights

Quotes "I'd like to start by mentioning that I did not have an easy project. I wanted a full bathroom remodel with a curved shower wall with intricate cutouts and tile design. It was difficult finding a contractor willing to bid for my project and most didn't even call me back. I'm easy to work with buy my ideas and designs can sometimes be more ambitious than most contractors are willing to work on. I happen to discover John and Angela McDonald by chance and was quickly impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail. The initial meeting with them was very productive and informative. They asked all the right questions, provided constructive suggestions and made me feel confident that they were qualified to take on my project. They both did an amazing job communicating and keeping me updated throughout the whole process of planning and execution of the project. Going into the project I had about 90% of the details worked out in advance. " Quotes
The Householders
Maryland Heights

Quotes " I highly recommend John and Angela for any home renovations/remodeling that you have. John transformed our builders grade staircase into a what appears to be a custom built stairwell for a fraction of the cost. John personally tended to our project from initial consultation to our project from the estimating and construction phases with minimal disruption to our home. We couldn't be more pleased with the level of service and quality that they provide." Quotes
The Hoogs

Quotes "If anyone is looking for home remodeling of any kind, I highly recommend McDonald Renovations. John and Angela live in our neighborhood. They recently added some lighting in our stairway into something that I can't describe in words. John will personally come by and give his expert opinion as well as provide free estimates." Quotes
The Hoogs

Quotes Thanks John for a great job! Couldn't ask for a better one - very happy with it. Be assured that if I need you again, I'll call. Thanks again! Quotes
The Jacobsons

Quotes Your craftsmanship is outstanding. Very creative designs. Quotes
Steve and Julia Bell

Quotes We're so very pleased with your work. It all went so smoothly and you were so easy to have around. Thank you and have a wonderful summer. I know we'll be calling again in the future and you will be highly recommended. Quotes
The Burns
Town & Country

Quotes Everything looks excellent! Thanks for all your help. It was fantastic to come back from my trip and have everything done! Quotes
The Ericksons

Quotes It has been a pleasure working with you all! Quotes
The Roach Family